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About Available Farmlink Properties

Maine FarmLink

Maine FarmLink encourages people who are looking for farmland, to join our program and become “Seekers”. This entails filling out a short, yet informative application and joining Maine Farmland Trust, which is a $30 membership a year. We do require at least 3 years of on the land farming experience, in the general farming “endeavor” you would like to do on a new farm, whether it be carrying on your current dairy opperation, or finally starting that “market garden” after years of growing your own food. This is a service to our owners who have listed their farms with us, that whoever we put them in touch with (our interested Seekers), they will have the experience to “work the land” on a new farm.

Upon acceptance to the program (acceptance of application, verifying of experience, financial capabilities, etc.) is when we would provide you with access to the full farm list, as well as help “matching” you up with farms that we feel would be a good match for what you are looking for.

If you are interested in our program, and feel you would meet our requirements, please print, fill out and mail in the Application Form and maybe we can help you find a farm in Maine that is just right for you!

To preview a few farms that we have listed with us, please visit out Featured Farm section located on our home page.

The complete list of current properties is available to Active Seekers only.

If you are an Active Seeker with Maine FarmLink, please login here to view the listings.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

About Maine Farmlink

Because the majority of Maine farmers are now of retirement age, getting new farmers onto the land is imperative. Many farmers who wish to retire do not have anyone to take over the farm. Likewise, many people who want to farm do not have the family or resources they need to get started. FarmLink is a collaborative endeavor connecting next generation farmers to the land and resources they need to keep Maine’s farms viable now and into the future. FarmLink works with each party to fully understand their interests and needs. This personal contact and customized support, combined with the assistance of program partners, has helped Maine FarmLink become a successful and effective program.

For more information, call Maine FarmLink at:
(207) 338-6575 or email: info@mainefarmlink.org

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