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97 Main Street Belfast, Maine 04915
phone: (207)338-6575
fax: (207)338-6024

Maine Farmland Trust is open Monday through Friday from 9 to 4.

Maine Farmland Trust Staff Contacts:

Anna Witholt Abaldo Gallery Curator anna@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Amanda Beal Policy and Research Fellow abeal@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Adam Bishop Project Manager, Land Protection abishop@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Erica Buswell Project Mgr., Land Protection/ Beginning Farmers ebuswell@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Andrea Denny Database Manager adenny@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Alex Fouliard Outreach Assistant alex@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Mike Gold Program Manager, Farm Viability mgold@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Shannon Grimes Farm Viability Associate shannon@mainefarmlandtrust.org  
Martin Hayden Development Director mhayden@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Holly Ingraham Project Manager, Farm Viability holly@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Sue Lanpher FarmLink Coordinator info@mainefarmlink.org
Tim Libby Farm Manager, Veggies For All tlibby@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Lyndsey Marston Project Mgr., Stewardship and Land Protection lmarston@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Anna Mason Intern, Veggies For All amason@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Marla O’Byrne Senior Vice President mobyrne@mainefarmlandtrust.org
LouAnna Perkins, Esq Senior Legal Counsel louanna@mainefarmlandtrust.org
John Piotti President and CEO jpiotti@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Tricia Rouleau Project Manager, Land Protection trouleau@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Ellen Sabina Outreach Director ellen@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Kim Sanborn Office Assistant kim@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Elizabeth Sprague Business Development Mgr., Farm Viability esprague@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Brett Sykes Project Assistant, Land Protection brett@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Rachel Taker Executive Assistant rachel@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Sara Trunzo Project Mgr., Farm Viability and Director, Veggies For all strunzo@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Kristin Varnum Vice President and CFO kvarnum@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Beth Wade Broker & REALTOR®, Maine Farms Realty bwade@mainefarmsrealty.com
Reeve Wood, Esq. Legal Counsel rwood@mainefarmlandtrust.org
Nina Young Project Mgr., Land Protection &
General Manager, Maine Farms Realty


About Maine Farmlink

Because the majority of Maine farmers are now of retirement age, getting new farmers onto the land is imperative. Many farmers who wish to retire do not have anyone to take over the farm. Likewise, many people who want to farm do not have the family or resources they need to get started. FarmLink is a collaborative endeavor connecting next generation farmers to the land and resources they need to keep Maine’s farms viable now and into the future. FarmLink works with each party to fully understand their interests and needs. This personal contact and customized support, combined with the assistance of program partners, has helped Maine FarmLink become a successful and effective program.

For more information, call Maine FarmLink at:
(207) 338-6575 or email: info@mainefarmlink.org

Maine Farmland Trust
97 Main Street
Belfast, Maine 04915
Phone: 207-338-6575
Fax: 207-338-6024