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Prospective Farmers


For the farmland seeker:

Maine FarmLink may be able to help guide you towards the farm you are looking for.   And we can provide the resources and info (or point you to a Program Partner or Companion Program) to help you succeed in your land search.

Program Services and Benefits for Farmland Seekers:

By signing up with Maine FarmLink, we will include your profile on our website for all land owners to review.  This is a benefit for anyone looking to lease land, or partner in a non-traditional arrangement.  We see this as doubling the activity of connecting land owners and land seekers in hopes of making a Link!

Program Eligibility

To join the program:

1. Fill out the Electronic Farmland Seeker Form

While there is no cost to enroll in Maine FarmLink, to ensure the future of the program, we encourage anyone who uses the services to become a member of Maine Farmland Trust.  The standard individual membership cost is $30/year.

2. Once your application is received, processed and approved (verifying your farming background, financial capabilities, etc) we will add your profile to our Seeker directory on our website.

3. Start searching the Available Properties!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is FarmLink a good way for me to find affordable farmland? Possibly.  FarmLink is a service that can inform you of farmland owners and their farmland that is available to buy or lease.  FarmLink may also be able to link farmers who are open to working out some creative non-traditional tenure situations.  The state-wide list of farmers and their lands encompasses reasonably priced properties and some that are beyond the budget of most people seeking farmland.  FarmLink has no control over the prices of any of the properties (except for those properties owned by Maine Farmland Trust).  Prices are set (and negotiated) by the land owners and/or their representatives.
  2. Once I’m enrolled as a Seeker, what will happen next? As an enrolled Seeker, your profile will be added to our Seeker directory.  This will double your chances of finding a match, as this gives the land owners the opportunity to see your profile and want to connect with you.  We will also keep your information on file, so when we know of a farmer who has an opportunity available that might fit your needs, we will alert you.
  3. What happens if I find a property I’m interested in? Make contact with the land owner.  If you have further needs, like help with negotiating a lease, we can help!
  4. How do I enroll as a Seeker? To enroll you must complete an application detailing what kind of farm you are looking for (size, location, intended use, etc.). The application also contains questions about your previous farm experience, which may be important to owners of farmland you are interested in.  Once submitted, we will review and activate your profile on the website.
  5. Do I need farm experience to become a Seeker? We advise people to only enroll as a Seeker if they are serious about farming.  If you are not an experienced farmer, please get in touch with us, as we will point you in the right direction and to other professionals who can help you in your search.
  6. Is there a cost to enroll as a Seeker? There is no cost to enroll in the Maine FarmLink program; however, to help ensure the future of the program, we encourage anyone who uses the services to become a member of Maine Farmland Trust. The standard individual membership cost is $30/year.
  7. Additional questions?  Contact info@mainefarmlink.org


About Maine Farmlink

Because the majority of Maine farmers are now of retirement age, getting new farmers onto the land is imperative. Many farmers who wish to retire do not have anyone to take over the farm. Likewise, many people who want to farm do not have the family or resources they need to get started. FarmLink is a collaborative endeavor connecting next generation farmers to the land and resources they need to keep Maine’s farms viable now and into the future. FarmLink works with each party to fully understand their interests and needs. This personal contact and customized support, combined with the assistance of program partners, has helped Maine FarmLink become a successful and effective program.

For more information, call Maine FarmLink at:
(207) 338-6575 or email: info@mainefarmlink.org

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